A joint project of architects, designers, sculptors, animators, artists, photographers to organize a harmonious space for joint activities.

Urban environment, residential buildings, public area, recreation area, interior, clothing, thing - all part of our environment - cells, modules, units ... ... and every brick in this world is paramount.

GB architecture– it is many years of experience in designing large-scale residential and public buildings. Collaboration with design institutes integrated into the design of regulatory frameworks. Work with development companies expanded the flight of thought and imagination, with investors - has made the reality of the design, approval and building a large metropolis.

GB landscapeeducation and training project participants on faculty urban planning allows approach to the implementation of landscape works professionally. State contracts and resources large investors to parks and recreational tracts allowed to enter the next level.

GB paintingclassical school of painting of the National Arts Academy of Ukraine in the interpretation of the new timecan create "living" paintings, which enriches communication with the inner world of the beholder.

GB fountainslong and productive cooperation with the best Italian masters fountain equipment create unique masterpieces of songs from the water, light, music and fire.

GB constructionreliable partners, time-tested and common first steps, realize any of your dream professional

GB Engineeringseveral generations of engineers will perform the task perfectly. Years of experience "bisons" case and the commitment of young graduate students KNUBA on the introduction of modern calculations, give an excellent result.

Many years of experience in creating dynamic lighting musical fountains allows the professional approach to the organization, whether urban area or suburban ​​residence.
Typically, the musical fountain is located on the sign, the central parts of the city, village or estate. Due to this dynamic composition of the water takes on the character of a unique. In a towns square fountain is the center of the composition around buildings and structures, is a highlight of the whole ensemble. It is emblematic places metropolis creates originality, show the uniqueness of monotone residential and administrative buildings, become the center of mass events, a place of recreation guests and residents.

History left a great many monuments of waters architecture. But obsolete over time, and technically primitive fountain systems require a modern aesthetic and technological interpretation.
To help to find the correct, balanced, and most importantly, unique solutions are coming computer technology. Create a virtual space in powerful 3D editors (3D MAX, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD) can simulate the situation is absolutely identical to the one that comes after realization of the object (fountain installation and improvement of the area).

Moreover, the dance musical fountain is the design takes shape, character and emotion, that makes it possible to imagine the effect of the construction of such a composition.

Fountain "Octopus" in the Orlenok. from GreatBrick on Vimeo.

A unique set of nozzles, lights and, on request, nozzles volcanic of fire, smoke, or fog, is modeled in a 3D program and allows you to create a unique dance, scenario of shows for this water fountain.

Light and music fountain composed of two main elements - the underground and above-ground part.
The underground part of water fountain consists of a technical room, which houses the necessary equipment for water fountain. Some large fountains have on your providing a hundred! individual pumps. All jets water fountain united in groups, and this group, the fountain, serving one pump. This allows you to vary the start (the game) nozzles. Also hold computer equipment with design software, electrical equipment, filter systems, and the like.

For all of this equipment requires enough space and so underground technical room has an area of ​​no less! area above ground (visible) of the pool.
In fact light and music fountain is a two-story building with exploited in extreme conditions roof. That is what you should consider when review location of the fountain of the composition. Is possible, of course, a variant of a separate (remote) location technical room. But this option is not appropriate from a financial point of view - lengthening supply lines and water intake, electric cables leads to a substantial rise in price of structure. This decision is made in difficult urban environments.

The upper part consists of the above-ground pool deck and equipment, which leads directly (main pipes), sprays (jets), lights (lamps, floodlights), sets fire (fire nozzle), projects the image (laser projector), etc..

Classic pool deck is filled with water and has excellent aesthetic qualities. The noise of falling water, the brilliance running waves, refraction and play underwater spotlights create a positive effect on the beholder. In some cases, the pool deck is closed and organize special intakes. Then the area of water fountain included in the total pedestrian zone and allows travelers in contact with water (floor fountain). This is true in the warmer months.

Also possible the device paddling water fountain where the equipment is mounted in a similar way to a solid surface and a bowl filled with a low level of water (30-50cm).